NCAR RDA System Outage April 27, 2016

UPDATE Apr 27 22:04:20 MDT 2016: All systems and services are up and running. Thank-you for your patience.

UPDATE Apr 27 17:00:00 MDT 2016: RDA systems are still down due to extended maintenance. It is
estimated that they should be back online by 5PM MDT.
We have no estimate of when they will be back on line. We appreciate your patience during this extended outage.

RDA services, including data download and data request processing, will be unavailable during system maintenance on Wednesday, April 27, 2016.

Work will start at 4:30 MDT and complete around 9:00 MDT. Data request jobs should run automatically after system restart.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Accessing RDA data files from GLADE

Do you have an account on NCAR's supercomputer, Yellowstone (or Geyser or Caldera)?  Are you eligible for an account?

If so, you can take advantage of direct access to 500 Petabytes (or the most popular 25%) of the RDA's data holdings on GLADE.
The Globally Accessible Data Environment—a centralized file service known as GLADE—uses high-performance GPFS shared file system technology to give users a common view of their data across the HPC, analysis, and visualization resources that CISL manages.

GLADE file spaces are intended as work areas for day-to-day tasks and are well suited for managing software projects, scripts, code, and data sets. They are available by default except for project spaces.
GLADE access allows you to perform your data analysis tasks without having to download data, a considerable time-saver. As a bonus, CISL staff install and maintain myriad data tools so you can spend more time on science and less time on sys admin tasks.

At the SEA conference last week, I discovered that many Yellowstone/GLADE users were not aware of direct GLADE data access or how to locate specific data that they need on GLADE.

When you find a data set that interests you, click on the Data Access tab.  If the dataset is available on GLADE, "GLADE File Listing" links will appear in the green columns on the right.
Select GLADE File Listing.
Then narrow down your file selection until you see individual file names.
Prepend GLADE dataset path to data file path. 
The GLADE path to each dataset will be /glade/p/rda/data/dsnnn.n/

Then add the path to the individual file. E.g.

wgrib, wgrib2 and a plethora of software for reading, manipulating and visualization of weather and climate data are already installed on Yellowstone.

Graduate students and postdocs at US universities can apply for *FREE* Small Allocation accounts.  Faculty and staff of US universities or national labs can apply for Data Access only accounts.  Check your eligibility.

This could make your research life much easier.


NCAR RDA HPSS Request Outage April 12, 2016

Update: This work is now complete. Thank-you for your patience.
HPSS will experience some maintenance downtime on Tuesday Apr 12 to allow Oracle to work on some known hardware issues.

START: Tue Apr 12 2016 9:30 AM MDT
END: Tue Apr 12 2016 2:30 PM MDT
All RDA data services that utilize the High Performance Storage System (HPSS, aka the tape libraries) will be down during that time.

Submit your jobs early so that they can complete before the scheduled down time. HPSS data requests in progress before HPSS is taken down for maintenance should restart after HPSS is back on line. If your data request job remains in limbo after system maintenance is complete, please contact rdahelp@ucar.edu so we can restart the job for you.