NCAR RDA HPSS Request Outage April 12, 2016

Update: This work is now complete. Thank-you for your patience.
HPSS will experience some maintenance downtime on Tuesday Apr 12 to allow Oracle to work on some known hardware issues.

START: Tue Apr 12 2016 9:30 AM MDT
END: Tue Apr 12 2016 2:30 PM MDT
All RDA data services that utilize the High Performance Storage System (HPSS, aka the tape libraries) will be down during that time.

Submit your jobs early so that they can complete before the scheduled down time. HPSS data requests in progress before HPSS is taken down for maintenance should restart after HPSS is back on line. If your data request job remains in limbo after system maintenance is complete, please contact rdahelp@ucar.edu so we can restart the job for you.

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