06 December 2018

NCAR RDA at AGU 2018 Fall Meeting

Sophie Hou, Tom Cram, and Doug Schuster will be representing the RDA at the AGU 2018 fall meeting.  A schedule of their events is provided below:

02 April 2018

Notice: new Globus endpoints

The RDA data collections were recently moved to a new filesystem (and new directory paths), and as a result of the move, the two shared Globus endpoints providing access to RDA data products were rendered obsolete.  To remedy this, we have created two new shared endpoints and have transferred all active Globus shares to the new endpoints.

The caveat to this change is the new endpoints have new endpoint IDs, and this will have an impact on users who automate Globus transfers from RDA shared endpoints in their workflow scripts.  For those users who have automated transfers set up, please update your scripts to the new endpoint IDs as follows:

Endpoint name: NCAR RDA Dataset Archive (rda#datashare)
Old endpoint ID: db57de42-6d04-11e5-ba46-22000b92c6ec
New endpoint ID: 2869611a-36aa-11e8-b95e-0ac6873fc732

Endpoint name: NCAR RDA Data Requests (rda#data_request)
Old endpoint ID: d20e610e-6d04-11e5-ba46-22000b92c6ec
New endpoint ID: 68823254-36aa-11e8-b95e-0ac6873fc732

Please e-mail us at rdahelp@ucar.edu if you have questions.

19 March 2018

Alternate access to NCEP data products through NCEP Data Portals

The RDA republishes many NCEP data products.  Users with urgent data needs during extended RDA downtimes may obtain the data directly from NCEP servers.

The 10-day archive of GFS products (including GDAS/FNL analysis grids) can be found at the real-time site http://www.nco.ncep.noaa.gov/pmb/products/gfs/

GDAS data up to ~ 9 months old may be found at this online archive  https://nomads.ncdc.noaa.gov/data/gdas/ (which may be decommissioned soon.)

THREDDS users can use https://www.ncei.noaa.gov/thredds/model/model.html

Older data can be requested from this long-term archive https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/data-access/model-data

Some of the data is available for immediate download.  For example, you can obtain GFS analysis files from ftp://nomads.ncdc.noaa.gov/GFS/analysis_only/201803/20180315/

Note that data read from tape is organized and delivered in daily (01Jan2001​–21Feb2012) or hourly (13Feb2012-present) tar files that can be very large and include things that you may not need.  For instance, one 6-hourly GDAS tar file is 47 GB and includes the initial hour and all forecast hours for global 0.25, 0.5, and 1.0 degree resolution grids.


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