28 October 2019

ERA-Interim updated through August 2019

ERA-Interim in the RDA has been updated through August 2019 (the final year and month):

ERA-Interim Project

Further production of ERA-Interim has been ceased by ECMWF. The primary ECMWF reanalysis has now shifted to

ERA5 Reanalysis (0.25 Degree Latitude-Longitude Grid)

spanning January 1979 to July 2019 which is being updated on a monthly basis. ERA5 prior to 1979 (1950-1978) will be made available pending public release by ECMWF.

04 October 2019

Changes to NCAR RDA Maintained ERA5 datasets

The currently available, full time-series of ERA5 has been published under ds633.0 -ERA5 Reanalysis (0.25 Degree Latitude-Longitude Grid) https://rda.ucar.edu/datasets/ds633.0/#!description.  Data are now available from 1979 to the present in ds633.0, and it will continue to be extended in time. Data from 1950 to 1978 will be added once they become available in the Copernicus Climate Data Store. Processing and archiving of data to ds630.0 -ERA5 Reanalysis, https://rda.ucar.edu/datasets/ds630.0/#!description has been discontinued and the web access has been removed as of Oct 3, 2019.  Additionally, NCAR HPC users will no longer be able to access ds630.0 from the glade file system, as the data have been purged to free up storage space.  NCAR HPC users should now access ERA5 data from the ds633.0 dataset directory

For background, processing and publication of data to ds630.0 was stopped in April, 2019, due to the length of time it was taking to update that dataset.  It was estimated that it would take around 6-7 years to download, process, and archive data in ds630.0 using legacy strategies, versus around 1 year to download, process, and archive the full time series (1950 - present)  of the 0.25x0.25 gridded data staged online in the Copernicus Climate Data Store.