29 January 2020

Issue with tropical cyclone analysis in JRA-55

JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) has announced that some tropical cyclones occurring over the Northeast Pacific and the North Atlantic from 1959 to 1987 were erroneously represented as anti-cyclonic vortices in the Japanese 55-year Reanalysis (JRA-55) dataset. A detailed report by JMA with lists of erroneous anti-cyclonic vortices can be found in the RDA documentation for JRA-55. Please refer to the January 2020 entries at:

JRA-55 Documentation

27 January 2020

NOAA-CIRES-DOE Twentieth Century Reanalysis Version 3 Now Available

20CRv3 gridded reanalysis spanning 1836-2015 in netCDF4/HDF5 format are available for download and subsetting via
There are 113 3-hourly analysis, 19 6-hourly analysis, and 71 3-hourly first guess parameters which include 52 vertical levels. Each parameter is separated into a yearly time series.