19 July 2021

RDA services unavailable July 25 - 29, 2021

Due to scheduled maintenance on the HPC systems at NCAR, all RDA data access services, including downloads, data subsetting, and THREDDS data server access, will be unavailable July 25–29, 2021.  Please follow our Twitter profile (@NCAR_RDA) for updates.

17 June 2021

403 Forbidden for Slow Connections

 If you find yourself receiving 403 forbidden HTTP responses when downloading data from the RDA, it may be the result of a slow connection. 

The RDA currently limits connections that are below 200 KB/s averaged over a two minutes.  If a user stays below this threshold, they will be temporarily blocked from accessing our servers for 30 minutes.

Once blocked, downloaded files may appear to be smaller than expected and contain HTML. This occurs, because the server is sending the RDA's 401 forbidden page instead of the file.

At this point, there are two options to overcome this problem. The first would be to improve your network speed. Often, using a VPN or proxy server can overcome this issue

Alternatively, you can consider using our Globus download option. On each data access page, you can find an option to download the files using Globus as seen in the screenshot below. Globus is a service that transfers files using gridFTP and has built in error tolerance and unsupervised downloads. 

10 June 2021

Concerning ERA5 Single Level Forecast Data, December 1978

The ERA5 single level forecast fields, 1978-12 as obtained from the ECMWF Climate Data Store (CDS) are incomplete -— they do not form a continuous time series with 1979 onward because 6 forecast hours have been omitted. This is particularly true for fluxes defined by mean rates which includes for example precipitation products. The four affected groups in the RDA dataset ds633.4, ERA5 back extension 1950-1978 (Preliminary version) are:

  • ERA5 atmospheric surface forecast (accumulated), 1978-12
  • ERA5 atmospheric surface forecast (instantaneous), 1978-12
  • ERA5 atmospheric surface forecast (mean rates or fluxes), 1978-12
  • ERA5 atmospheric surface forecast (minimum-maximum), 1978-12

NCAR's CISL/DECS has brought this to the attention of ECMWF, and are waiting for ECMWF to fill in the gap on the CDS. Apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.

A more detailed discussion follows:

The ERA5 forecast data 'time' conventions are somewhat awkward (but entirely the prerogative of ECMWF and especially the Copernicus Climate Data Store -- CDS). For any given day, CDS provides 2 forecast initial times, 06 and 18Z. For each forecast there are 12 forecast hours, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, and 12 hours. In the netCDF files as produced by CISL/DECS for the RDA, this is represented with two coordinate dimensions,



The valid time of the forecast data is then

forecast_initial_time + forecast_hour

A discrete 24 hour time series of, for example, "mean rates or fluxes" forecast data (including "Mean total precipitation rate", kg m**-2 s**-1) in this case is given by

06Z forecast initial time current day + 1hr(a mean flux/rate between 6 and 7 hr of current day)
06Z forecast initial time current day + 2hr(a mean flux/rate between 7 and 8 hr of current day)
06Z forecast initial time current day + 3hr(a mean flux/rate between 8 and 9 hr of current day)
06Z forecast initial time current day + 4hr(a mean flux/rate between 9 and 10 hr of current day)
06Z forecast initial time current day + 5hr(a mean flux/rate between 10 and 11 hr of current day)
06Z forecast initial time current day + 6hr(a mean flux/rate between 11 and 12 hr of current day)
06Z forecast initial time current day + 7hr(a mean flux/rate between 12 and 13 hr of current day)
06Z forecast initial time current day + 8hr(a mean flux/rate between 13 and 14 hr of current day)
06Z forecast initial time current day + 9hr(a mean flux/rate between 14 and 15 hr of current day)
06Z forecast initial time current day + 10hr(a mean flux/rate between 15 and 16 hr of current day)
06Z forecast initial time current day + 11hr(a mean flux/rate between 16 and 17 hr of current day)
06Z forecast initial time current day + 12hr(a mean flux/rate between 17 and 18 hr of current day)
18Z forecast initial time current day + 1hr(a mean flux/rate between 18 and 19 hr of current day)
18Z forecast initial time current day + 2hr(a mean flux/rate between 19 and 20 hr of current day)
18Z forecast initial time current day + 3hr(a mean flux/rate between 20 and 21 hr of current day)
18Z forecast initial time current day + 4hr(a mean flux/rate between 21 and 22 hr of current day)
18Z forecast initial time current day + 5hr(a mean flux/rate between 22 and 23 hr of current day)
18Z forecast initial time current day + 6hr(a mean flux/rate between 23 and 24 hr of current day)
18Z forecast initial time current day + 7hr(a mean flux/rate between 0 and 1 hr of *next day*)
18Z forecast initial time current day + 8hr(a mean flux/rate between 1 and 2 hr of *next day*)
18Z forecast initial time current day + 9hr(a mean flux/rate between 2 and 3 hr of *next day*)
18Z forecast initial time current day + 10hr(a mean flux/rate between 3 and 4 hr of *next day*)
18Z forecast initial time current day + 11hr(a mean flux/rate between 4 and 5 hr of *next day*)
18Z forecast initial time current day + 12hr(a mean flux/rate between 5 and 6 hr of *next day*)

The crux of the matter is, for 31 December 1978, 1978-12-31, the CDS has omitted the last 6 entries,

18Z forecast initial time 1978-12-31 + 7hr(a mean flux/rate between 0 and 1 hr of 1979-01-01)
18Z forecast initial time 1978-12-31 + 8hr(a mean flux/rate between 1 and 2 hr of 1979-01-01)
18Z forecast initial time 1978-12-31 + 9hr(a mean flux/rate between 2 and 3 hr of 1979-01-01)
18Z forecast initial time 1978-12-31 + 10hr(a mean flux/rate between 3 and 4 hr of 1979-01-01)
18Z forecast initial time 1978-12-31 + 11hr(a mean flux/rate between 4 and 5 hr of 1979-01-01)
18Z forecast initial time 1978-12-31 + 12hr(a mean flux/rate between 5 and 6 hr of 1979-01-01)

which prevents CISL/DECS from forming an uninterrupted time series with ERA5 data for 1 January 1979, 1979-01-01, because the first entry for 1979-01-01, *as provided by CDS*, is

06Z forecast initial 1979-01-01 + 1hr(a mean flux/rate between 6 and 7 hr of 1979-01-01)

19 April 2021

Data Corruption of 206 NCAR RDA ERA5 Grids

It has been reported to ECMWF that some of the ERA5 data on the Copernicus CDS (Climate Data Store) disks was corrupted. The following pertinent CDS catalogue entries were affected, and replaced by ECMWF. CISL/DECS are examining these grids in the NCAR RDA ERA5 archive, namely,

ERA5 Reanalysis (0.25 Degree Latitude-Longitude Grid)

in an effort to uniquely identify each grid and its host GRIB file as a target for replacement. (The corresponding netCDF4 file will be regenerated as well.) For further information, please refer to the ECMWF web page

ERA5 CDS: Data Corruption

(For the same table with larger font, one may refer to

Data Corruption of 206 NCAR RDA ERA5 Grids)

ECMWF Product TypeRDA DatasetCountYearMonthDayTimeLevelVariableNumber of Grid Points
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.011980021600:00875u component of wind1793
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.021980021712:0030ozone mass mixing ratio1897
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.031980051912:005ozone mass mixing ratio1937
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.041980101402:00450temperature1423
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.051980112814:00200vertical velocity427
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.061981022202:00100vorticity2031
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.071981050212:0070specific humidity603
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.081981050212:00600u component of wind603
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.091983041412:00450potential vorticity157
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0101983042714:00825temperature991
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0111984010910:00800divergence7
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0121984050213:001specific humidity1533
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0131984072503:00975temperature999
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0141984122319:002vertical velocity537
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0151985021519:00150u component of wind1861
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0161986050723:001specific humidity1613
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0171986051222:00175u component of wind527
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0181986051921:00825temperature819
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0191986111515:0050vertical velocity347
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0201986112111:00100v component of wind1225
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0211986112115:00175temperature1003
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0221987042723:00200ozone mass mixing ratio767
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0231987080507:00175relative humidity791
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0241988042009:0020temperature1521
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0251988042121:00925geopotential511
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0261988042201:0070ozone mass mixing ratio439
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0271988042502:0070u component of wind1597
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0281988080116:00200ozone mass mixing ratio991
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0291988082114:0020vertical velocity1979
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0301990010604:00925divergence1363
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0311990010823:00650geopotential1211
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0321990031007:00225v component of wind557
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0331990031109:00150geopotential1795
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0341990032403:00800v component of wind1421
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0351990060800:00400u component of wind825
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0361990061416:0020vorticity1643
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0371990061812:00100relative humidity471
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0381990062409:002v component of wind1371
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0391990062816:00550specific humidity761
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0401990090318:005v component of wind681
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0411990091421:00800ozone mass mixing ratio313
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0421990092001:00225relative humidity801
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0431990092804:00700vorticity1989
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0441990101523:00225ozone mass mixing ratio241
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0451990101523:00975v component of wind253
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0461990101602:001u component of wind277
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0471991060907:00800geopotential333
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0481991073021:0020ozone mass mixing ratio1171
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0491991091619:00925ozone mass mixing ratio895
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0501991091709:00225divergence1807
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0511991091709:00550geopotential1807
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0521991091712:00300ozone mass mixing ratio1951
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0531991120316:003ozone mass mixing ratio1247
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0541991120521:00300specific humidity1259
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0551991120522:00350temperature789
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0561991120609:00800specific humidity1457
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0571991121113:00550v component of wind1727
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0581991121619:0020u component of wind253
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0591992080312:001000relative humidity329
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0601993112610:00825ozone mass mixing ratio1687
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0611993112611:00300relative humidity1686
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0621994012016:003u component of wind1281
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0631994012020:00125ozone mass mixing ratio1935
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0641994052022:00400vertical velocity529
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0651994091503:00875vertical velocity99
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0661994092111:00250relative humidity847
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0671994092304:00225relative humidity197
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0681995041821:00900vorticity647
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0691995042006:0020divergence1721
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0701995072907:00775u component of wind1679
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0711996090121:00500v component of wind53
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0721996090817:001000potential vorticity513
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0731996092318:0070vorticity17
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0741996092703:00600relative humidity677
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0751996092905:00550relative humidity225
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0761997021917:001000vorticity997
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0771997021920:00800potential vorticity751
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0781997090422:00750u component of wind547
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0791997092301:00825geopotential1885
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0801998101007:00700vertical velocity1007
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0811999020422:00300divergence439
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0821999020500:0020ozone mass mixing ratio625
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0831999021502:0020specific humidity105
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0841999021608:002v component of wind1275
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0851999021609:0050u component of wind1179
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0861999021611:00150vorticity1365
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0871999022019:00150vorticity311
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0881999022322:00875ozone mass mixing ratio2033
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0891999062005:00225specific humidity1207
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0901999062216:00550specific humidity1209
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0911999062221:0070temperature821
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0921999071303:00950ozone mass mixing ratio959
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0931999071723:00825divergence641
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0942004020102:00750v component of wind241
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0952004020116:0010u component of wind845
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0962004020121:00200divergence1179
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0972004020312:0050potential vorticity821
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0982004020504:00400divergence821
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.0992004022605:002vorticity1453
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.01002007121604:001000relative humidity1049
ERA5 reanalysis pressure levelsds633.01012007121821:0050vorticity1817
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01021979031913:00-mean surface downward long wave radiation flux clear sky193
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01031979032321:00-soil temperature level 11014
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01041979051911:00-uv visible albedo for diffuse radiation1613
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01051980030323:00-2m dewpoint temperature110
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01061980041215:00-mean vertically integrated moisture divergence1714
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01071980042119:00-vertical integral of northward cloud liquid water flux119
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01081980100809:00-uv visible albedo for direct radiation102
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01091980102605:00-10m u component of wind1471
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01101981022622:00-northward turbulent surface stress1974
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01111981081412:00-uv visible albedo for direct radiation1358
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01121981081518:00-vertical integral of potential internal and latent energy1155
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01131981092601:00-northward gravity wave surface stress1215
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01141981101106:00-volumetric soil water layer 11210
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01151981101111:00-forecast surface roughness173
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01161981101405:00-vertical integral of northward geopotential flux12
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01171982101808:00-uv visible albedo for direct radiation1447
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01181982102215:00-vertical integral of eastward geopotential flux1573
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01191983060708:00-snow evaporation1935
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01201983090900:00-ice temperature layer 1195
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01211983091009:00-10m u component of wind156
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01221983101115:00-volumetric soil water layer 11237
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01231984030604:00-10m v component of neutral wind1070
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01241985030309:00-near ir albedo for diffuse radiation1808
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01251985031905:00-instantaneous moisture flux1463
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01261985082300:00-vertical integral of northward kinetic energy flux158
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01271986072217:00-evaporation1957
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01281987030619:00-model bathymetry181
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01291987030921:00-instantaneous 10m wind gust1208
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01301987031216:00-vertical integral of kinetic energy1987
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01311987071612:00-vertical integral of potential internal and latent energy1034
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01321987082405:00-instantaneous surface sensible heat flux1218
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01331988091822:00-10m u component of neutral wind1702
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01341988111706:00-mean eastward gravity wave surface stress15
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01351988112608:00-2m temperature1112
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01361989030121:00-forecast surface roughness1223
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01371989031309:00-near ir albedo for diffuse radiation1919
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01381989041522:00-eastward gravity wave surface stress1172
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01391989083010:00-instantaneous northward turbulent surface stress1449
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01401989083010:00-mean potential evaporation rate1998
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01411990042922:00-near ir albedo for direct radiation1823
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01421990050923:00-ice temperature layer 31940
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01431990071917:00-2m temperature1751
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01441990080223:00-vertical integral of eastward ozone flux166
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01451990102920:00-mean northward turbulent surface stress145
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01461990120806:00-surface sensible heat flux1567
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01471991050610:00-ice temperature layer 41852
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01481991092604:00-volumetric soil water layer 1151
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01491992041320:00-mean surface net long wave radiation flux clear sky1272
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01501992071812:00-snow evaporation107
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01511992073022:00-uv visible albedo for diffuse radiation1395
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01521992101510:00-10m v component of wind1016
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01531994013122:00-surface latent heat flux129
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01541994050120:00-mean northward turbulent surface stress19
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01551994050908:00-instantaneous surface sensible heat flux1568
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01561994120409:00-vertical integral of total energy131
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01571994122318:00-vertical integral of divergence of mass flux1837
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01581995042511:00-near ir albedo for diffuse radiation1791
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01591995112415:00-10m v component of neutral wind1026
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01601995120217:00-10m wind gust since previous post processing1717
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01611995120514:00-surface latent heat flux122
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01621996010207:00-ice temperature layer 11305
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01631996070719:00-geopotential137
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01641996071519:00-mean potential evaporation rate179
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01651996071617:00-top net thermal radiation1227
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01661996081411:00-vertical integral of northward total energy flux1728
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01671996081716:00-2m dewpoint temperature1711
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01681996101800:00-mean surface downward long wave radiation flux1862
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01691996101823:00-surface thermal radiation downward clear sky1080
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01701997051815:00-mean potential evaporation rate194
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01711998100311:00-soil temperature level 3167
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01721999071912:00-surface sensible heat flux1303
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01732009121608:00-mean potential evaporation rate162144
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01742010110102:00-mean potential evaporation rate190620
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01752010112709:00-mean potential evaporation rate142741
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01762010112709:00-mean surface downward long wave radiation flux12952
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01772010112709:00-mean top net long wave radiation flux17854
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01782011080122:00-vertical integral of eastward ozone flux131
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01792011080701:00-instantaneous surface sensible heat flux1615
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01802011080719:00-mean northward gravity wave surface stress1582
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01812011081908:00-vertical integral of eastward total energy flux1167
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01822013030821:00-top net thermal radiation110
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01832013031405:00-mean sea level pressure109
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01842013060705:00-vertical integral of eastward kinetic energy flux173
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01852013060821:00-evaporation1452
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01862013061300:00-eastward gravity wave surface stress1704
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01872013061414:00-top net thermal radiation176
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01882013061810:00-soil temperature level 1108
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01892013062107:00-vertical integral of divergence of cloud frozen water flux156
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01902013062202:00-10m wind gust since previous post processing1777
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01912013070306:00-vertical integral of temperature155
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01922014032703:00-vertical integral of northward ozone flux169
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01932014033020:00-vertical integral of eastward kinetic energy flux119
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01942014040409:00-vertical integral of potential internal and latent energy100
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01952014040615:00-near ir albedo for diffuse radiation160
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01962014041015:00-instantaneous northward turbulent surface stress1918
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01972014041619:00-evaporation1710
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01982014041804:00-10m v component of neutral wind1530
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.01992014041805:00-maximum 2m temperature since previous post processing1530
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.02002014042708:00-uv visible albedo for direct radiation191
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.02012014050702:00-2m temperature151
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.02022014050711:00-uv visible albedo for direct radiation100
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.02032014051815:00-soil temperature level 31281
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.02042014051917:00-vertical integral of divergence of geopotential flux1616
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.02052014060506:00-angle of sub gridscale orography120
ERA5 reanalysis single levelsds633.02062017041408:00-northward gravity wave surface stress1348

10 March 2021

Update: RDA data access remains offline through March 11

 Due to extended maintenance, RDA data access services including downloads, subsetting requests, and THREDDS data access, will remain offline and unavailable through Thursday March 11, 2021.  We appreciate your patience as we work to complete this maintenance.

09 March 2021

RDA data services unavailable March 9–10, 2021

 Due to scheduled maintenance on the computing system at NCAR, all RDA data access services, including downloads, data subsetting, and THREDDS data server access, will be unavailable March 9–10, 2021.  Please follow our Twitter profile (@NCAR_RDA) for updates.