02 August 2019

RDA ERA5 now spans 1979 through early 2019.

Currently RDA ERA5 is represented by two datasets.

0.25° ERA5 1979-2001 is available online as netCDF in ds633.0:

ERA5 Reanalysis (0.25 Degree Latitude-Longitude Grid)

which is being updated continuously and is expected to extend through at least mid 2019 by late September of this year. The original RDA ERA5 dataset is ds630.0:

ERA5 Reanalysis

which utilizes a 0.281° 1280x640 regular Gaussian grid and is available online as netCDF spanning 2002-2019.

We encourage users to employ the 0.25° version of ERA5 (ds633.0) as it is uncertain whether ds630.0 will be extended. In addition, note that the online data format is netCDF — please refer to the previous blog post for further information.

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