04 September 2019

Would you like to perform data analysis on NCAR RDA maintained data without the need to move it?

Would you like to perform computational analysis on NCAR RDA maintained dataset collections without the need to transfer the data to your local system?  Many in the US University research community are eligible to get allocations on NCAR CISL computing resources, which provide direct read access to most RDA dataset collections.  An overview of all of the CISL allocations programs is provided at https://www2.cisl.ucar.edu/user-support/allocations.  Typically, data analysis workflows only require a Small Allocation Request.  US University users supported by NSF grants should follow the instructions found under "University - Small Request"to submit a request for a small allocation to perform data analysis processing.  If you are a US University Graduate Student or Postdoc, you might have eligibility to apply for a "University Grad/Postdoc Small Allocation Request"even if you are not supported by a NSF grant.  We encourage all who may be eligible to explore the option of using CISL supported compute resources to perform their data analysis tasks, as it could be much more efficient than waiting for large volumes of data to transfer to your local compute resources.

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